enviromentally conscious weddings

We try to be environmentally friendly...

And always do our best to work with island based suppliers using locally sourced materials and ingredients, as well as those who understand their environmental responsibility. Mallorca is beautiful and we like to play our part in keeping it that way.

However, if you wish to make a bigger statement for the future by addressing the carbon emissions from your big day, we can help you to create a wedding or event that is even more environmentally friendly in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune and is simple to do.

How? We work directly with the World Land Trust and can help you calculate the carbon impact of your wedding, honeymoon or event. And even that of your guests who fly to the island to attend.

As an example, we calculate that the average wedding produces 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide. You can offset this by making a donation of £30 to the World Land Trust’s restoration ecology projects, which restore and protect threatened tropical habitat. If you’d like to offset the emissions associated with your travel and that of your guests to and from Mallorca, we can make a further calculation for you.

There are many ways to make a better future that don’t need to have a negative impact on your ideas for the perfect day, if you’re interested in this, let us suggest a few.

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