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Can I get legally married in Mallorca?
In Spain, getting married is a two-part process. If one of you is a Spanish
resident, you are able to go to your local town hall to perform your civil
wedding, to sign your paperwork so that you are legally married. You would then celebrate your wedding with a religious or non-religious ceremony
afterwards. If neither of you are a resident in Spain, you need to perform the civil part of your wedding in the country you live in. This can be as simple as
booking a registry office and asking for the minimum service. You can then have a ceremony to celebrate your marriage in Mallorca.

Can I have a ceremony in a church?

With your paperwork in place from your civil wedding, you can then have a full ceremony in Mallorca either in a church on an alternative setting, saying
your wedding vows, having your rings blessed and signing a certificate as a
memento of the day.

Doesn’t that mean I’m effectively getting married twice?
No, think of your civil marriage in England as a legal formality and save
celebrating your big day with your friends and family for when you come
to Mallorca.

Can I have an English speaking ceremony, whatever my religion?
Yes, we have contacts with a number of very friendly Reverends, Ministers, Pastors, Priests and Rabbis who make weddings a special, happy occasion.

Do you organise same sex ceremonies?
Yes, of course, we are more than happy to! We can organise a ceremony for you in a romantic outdoor setting depending on your religion.

How do we know you are going to do a good job?
We are happy to put you in touch with couples we’ve worked with in the past.

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