our top ten tips

1. If possible, plan early!
2. Try to work out your budget before you start any planning.
3. Give your guests plenty of notice, particularly if you would like your friends and family to join you abroad. Consider getting married during the school holidays if you’re inviting families with children.
4. Set up a wedding website and use it to give your guests information about your wedding day and destination. After the big day, you can use the sam site to upload your photographs so that friends and family can enjoy them too.
5. Don't make the mistake of wearing a dress or suit that just isn’t you. This is a day when you want to feel special, but you need to feel comfortable to feel confident.
6. Incorporate elements of the Spanish culture that you love into your wedding.
7. It’s your day, make it your dream!
8. Hold a wedding party on your return. It’s a chance for those guests who were unable to attend your wedding abroad to share your special day with you and a chance to re-live those memories with those that were there.
9. Why not book a mini-break to re-visit your chosen venue and remember all the reasons why you’re getting married there. If the budget is tight, visit the island off-season.
10. And of course… ask us to help you. We will do all the hard work for you saving you a great deal of time and stress. We’ve devised an easy way for us to work with you through your planning, allowing you to create a unique and very special wedding day in the most enjoyable way possible.

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