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Mallorca Dream Weddings and Events is run and owned by
Samantha Scott-Jeffries and Alexa Newman.

About Samantha
My family have lived in Mallorca for over 30 years. I was living and working in television in London when my boyfriend (finally!) proposed and my first thought was to get married here. We had a wonderful wedding in Puerto Andratx five years ago and now live in the North West of the island, in Soller, near to Deia. I’ve been through the process myself and I know what it’s like to be an English bride here. In England I was a writer and television development producer, used to researching and finding specialists and locations. Being a wedding planner draws heavily on that background, only now, the things I source are some of Mallorca’s best kept secrets; shops, hotels, florists, caterers, restaurants… some of the gorgeous, lovely things in life! Having spent eighteen months working as a wedding organiser in Mallorca, I set up Mallorca Dream Weddings & Events with Alexa.

About Alexa
My parents met and married in Mallorca in the1960’s and opened the first nightclub on the island. The following forty years saw them open a succession of successful restaurants and nightclubs, which gave me a fantastic education in the worlds of events, catering and entertainment. Educated on the island and in England I am now lucky to speak perfect English and Spanish. After leaving university in England I began to work in my father’s business, helping to run his restaurants. This gave me eight years of restaurant and catering experience, and the opportunity to organise numerous weddings and other events. Whilst Samantha handles most of the weddings I handle most of the events, but expect to meet or speak with both of us at some point. Just like Samantha I got married on the island and now live in the countryside, with my husband, just outside Palma.

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