why mallorca...

Mallorca offers the perfect location for all types of events.

The average annual temperature is between 16 - 18ºC, rising to
28 – 30ºC in the summer months often with a refreshing Mediterranean breeze.

It is renowned for its long golden beaches, intimate rocky coves and idyllic mountain ranges.

Mallorca is just a short flight from over 20 British and Irish airports.

Today Mallorca is a leading Mediterranean island which has not lost touch with its rustic charm whilst also being a cosmopolitan and sophisticated destination. Whether it’s a village bar or a Michelin star restaurant, traditional crafts or the latest fashion designs, rural fiestas or international nightclubs, from modern conference centres to traditional monuments, from champion golf courses to the most beautiful yachts, Mallorca provides limitless possibilities.

Over the centuries Mallorca’s atmosphere has captivated many thousands of people from all over the world. We are just two of them and we hope that it will have the same impact on you.

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